I am a creative thought service staff. But thanks to me, this creative idea has the opportunity to be realized.

The rules of life of Alexey Neklyudov

LUCK I was lucky enough to get on TV as an administrator. It seemed to me that it was very fun there. But then I graduated from VGIK, and it was no longer luck, but work.

GLORY Not an end in itself. But if suddenly the film that we made will win the attention of millions of viewers, will receive all possible prizes-then I will be happy and proud.

HOBBY My hobby is work. I don't even have a dog, because it needs to be taken care of.

DREAM I would like a house outside the city. In between projects, I would live there in silence. Sometimes I would give it to groups for filming. Really beautiful locations are sorely lacking.

FINANCE I have loved mathematics all my life. I didn't teach her, I just clicked like nuts. I am a person of mathematical thinking. Finance… No problem at all.

SATISFACTION When I hear what people say about our completed projects, I really feel that I am doing something important and necessary.

ACHIEVING THE GOAL ⦿ Maybe from the outside it looks like I have ambitious goals, I want everything at once. But I have been in the profession for many years, and I understand that there can be no goals. Or rather, so-the work is the goal. It gives meaning to life.

INTERVIEW I've never given an interview in my life. What for? Our place is behind the scenes, and we will work there.
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