Starring・Agata Muceniece, Melissa Laus, Irina Znamenshchikova, Victoria Lukina, Yulia Khamitova, Vasilisa Ostapets
Director of Photography・Andrey Nikiforov
Director of Photography・Danila Goryunkov


Partner・Agency «FOOD MOOD»

"You're a Mother! — - an Internet series about modern views on motherhood
The story is about mothers who take their children to the hockey section. Among them there is a popular actress, blogger and TV presenter (Agata Muceniece), who is immediately attacked by a barrage of criticism…
Will the star mom be able to stand on the gate of her position?
The young director of photography Andrey Nikiforov is also the author of the script of the series
Each heroine represents a certain "type of mother". Maybe you will recognize yourself in someone?
A fresh look is important for a modern TV series!
Director of Photography Danila Goryunkov at work
Victoria Lukina as Lena's enterprising mother
At the extreme change of the project, a party was filmed, to which, according to the script, Agatha called one of the mothers. After the "stop" command, the holiday became real: the group celebrated the end of filming!
Actress Yulia Khamitova in the camera lenses!
The camera! Action! Let's get started!

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